Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Livea Pop-Up

Occasionally I’ll take on a project, which is outside of my comfort zone. This was one such project. It was commissioned by a friend in Jakarta, who I worked with a few years ago (on a music video). He came to me to ask me to design a pop-up for a brochure for one of his clients, 'Livea', (an Indonesian Boutique Property Development Company). The pop-up will be in the middle-page spread of their brochures. 
The proposal was to create a simple, striking pop-up design, which demonstrates the company’s ethos. 
After experimenting with different paper weights and fibre optics (for the butterflies), we came up with this design. It's a simple house/gift box design, with cut-out butterfly shapes creating a filigree pattern at the top, fastened with a ribbon bow.
   The aim was to create a delicate, aesthetically pleasing pop-up design.
Due to the mechanisms of ‘pop-ups’, they tend to be rather clunky. The challenge here was to create a refined design that produces a flutter of gold butterflies when the gift box is opened. 


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