Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Around the World' Commission for New Haven Hospital

 has been installed in their new Pediatric Centre waiting room.
Photographs by Jim Fiora
Last year, an art consultant from New Haven Hosptital in Connecticut commissioned me to create a sculpture for a new Pediatric Specialites Unit, based on travel and children's literature.
They required an art-work that was bright, colourful and uplifting.
I sourced a second-hand World Atlas from the 1960's, which was printed in bright acidic colours.
I wanted to incorporate various modes of transport, and settled on a girl walking (cutting out foot-steps), a sailing ship, camels, and hot-air balloons pulled by migrating swallows.

The sculpture is displayed in a recess in the wall of the centre, framed inside an acrylic case with a maple beading around the edge.

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