Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New Work

'A Gentle Madness' is my most recent commission for a bibliophile and collector of rare, out of print 

Over the course of several weeks, Emma and I worked on hundreds of replica books in miniature., before setting them in a library, on shelves made from the pages of a book about 'book collecting'.

Photograph by John Reynolds 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tunnel Book Workshop at Birkbeck University

I led a workshop earlier in the week at Birkbeck University in London 
as part of their Arts Week Event. 
In this 2 hr workshop, complete novices to paper-cutting 
created a simple tunnel book using templates that I designed.  
Below are some of the outcomes. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Hide London

Hide London is a fantastic new restaurant, opening in Mayfair this week,
the brainchild of acclaimed chef 'Ollie Dabbous'.

I was approached by the interior designer 'Rose Murray' of These White Walls Studio in December to be involved in the project.
My brief was to create a large paper book art sculpture in a particular private dining room in Hide, called The Reading Room'.
The resulting book installation took 3 months to create, and photographer 'John Reynolds' was on site to capture us installing it. 

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To see images of the finished sculpture, go to


Monday, 9 April 2018

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Second Skin Exhibition Opens at Museum Schloss Moyland, Germany

The Second Skin 

Opens at Museum Schloss Moyland
Bedburg-Hau, Germany 

4th Febraury 2018 - 27th May 2018 
The Grass Grows Between Her Toes.

While you were Sleeping 2004

By way of twenty different artistic approaches in the media of photography, sculpture and installation, the forthcoming exhibition explores the phenomenon of the “second skin” as a means of insulation against nature or as a way of bringing oneself even closer to it. What stories, for example, can articles of clothing narrate? Can we discard our past like an item of clothing? And what is it like to be clothed in just one's own skin?  

Besides such questions as these, the exhibition will also deal with artistic media and their force of expression.

For more information, visit

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Last Chance to See - 'Book Worlds' Exhibition at Museum Sinclair Haus Germany

Closes 4th February 2018

Contemporary artists whose works reflect nature and landscape keep returning to books and typography as a form of expression. Pages of script or stacks of books are used to compose landscapes, and natural materials serve to create book objects. Written myths of the creation of the world and human beings, herbariums and herbal books, poetry anthologies and lexical collections all try to grasp the phenomena of our natural world. The book as a medium with all its haptic qualities, and script as a manner of expression with many possibilities, have been taken up by many visual artists – especially in the context of the great subject of “nature”. At the same time, the destructive confluence of fire and books is reflected by contemporary artists. 

With this exhibition the Museum Sinclair-Haus turns into a universal library where very different artistic means of expression find a home.