Monday, 25 May 2015

Ghosts of Gone Birds

This photograph is of a book sculpture I created back in 2011 for Ceri Levy, founder of 'Ghost of Gone Birds' Collective.
 The aim of the collective is to raise awareness for bird conservation through a series of multimedia exhibitions that breathe artistic life back into extinct bird species.
The ornithological book I used, dates back to the early 1900's. 
I cut out all of the illustrations of birds, which are now either extinct or on the 'endagered' list. 
I like this photgraph (that I found on the web), as the birds around the edge of the lens appear ghostly transparent.

For information about 'Ghost of Gone Birds' go to

Sunday, 24 May 2015

FT Weekend '30'

An illustration commissioned by FT Weekend to celebrate 30 years in print
30th Anniversary Edition
   The brief was to incorporate iconic, recognisable cultural objects from the last 30 years, 
cut from the pages of FT Weekend 'Life and Arts' 


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Friday, 22 May 2015

Coming Soon: A Theatre Pop-Up Version of 'The Fairytale Princess' Book

'I would have loved this book as a child'. 

Based on my original storybook The Fairytale Princess, intricate fairytale images, cut out from the pages of classic fables, are now brought to life in three dimensions, in this beautiful paper theatre. 
Everything a child needs to reenact the well-loved story of Sleeping Beauty is provided, including interchangeable scenery and delightful moveable versions of the characters.
Inside the ingeniously designed pop-up theatre stage between the two covers is a jewel box of moveable pieces: scenery sheets set the stage; characters add the story; and colorful props provide the finishing touch. The book contains a pocket to hold the pieces when they’re not in use, and an enclosed booklet contains instructions on how to stage your own performances of Sleeping Beauty for family and friends, including a script. The Sleeping Beauty Theatre will be coveted by children and adults alike who love to make believe.

This book will be released in the UK on October 16th, and will be able to available to buy in book shops, and 

'I'm delighted that Thames and Hudson have seen further potential in the illustrations I created for The Fairy-tale Princess, and have worked hard to publish this book, following on from The Fairy-tale Princess's success'. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Editorial for 'Out' Magazine

I was approached by Out Magazine in the US, to create art-work to illustrate 'Skin
(a story by 'Richard House'), published in their current 'Summer' Issue. 


 'Dragons' seem to be very popular at the moment, as this is the third 'dragon-themed' commission I've worked on in as many months. Here are some of the others... 
Sea dragon, 'detail' from Disney book-cover 'Alistair Grimm's Odd Aquaticum' by Gregory Funaro

And, in Entertainment Weekly Magazine 'Game of Thrones' Special Issue. 

 ... And elsewhere, 
On the catwalk
AW15 looks by (from left) Antonio Berardi; Valentino; Just Cavalli; Marc Jacobs; Alexander McQueen 

Dragon-influenced AW15 looks by (from left) Antonio Berardi; Valentino; Just Cavalli;  Marc Jacobs; Alexander McQueen

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Article in Fiber Art Now Magazine

Here is an article about my work in the Spring 2015 Issue of Fiber Art Now Magazine, written by Genevieve Nordmann.
Fiber Art Now is a quarterly magazine exploring fibers, mixed media and textiles from around the World.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Inspiration at The Imperial Gardens, Tokyo

After a busy schedule of talks and interviews to promote my current exhibition, I had a day to myself today. 
I spent it in the tranquil 'Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens' in Tokyo.
 And then back to the gallery to take some photographss of the work in-situ, before flying back to the UK tomorrow.