Monday, 16 February 2015

New Work for 'Dwelling' Exhibition

The Tree House, 2015  
For my upcoming exhibition, I have been exploring the notion of dwelling, be that a shed, a wood-hut, a lighthouse or a tower. 
I am particularly drawn to tree houses. As a child I pestered my dad to build me a tree house. My pleads fell on deaf ears though, because I didn't get the tree-house I desired. Instead, I looked on enviably at other kid's tree houses, and wished we had a big tree in the bottom of our garden to build such a palace. 
So, when I came across a tree house in some communal gardens in St Leonards on Sea recently, it re-captured some of my childhood longing.
On completing this work, I received a lovely email from one of the residents in St Leonard's who commissioned the original tree house.
Here is a copy of some of his email.

''We commissioned the tree house from a local designer and his social enterprise wood recycling company a few years ago.
It's a great hit with all the kids but perhaps not so much with some of the residents on the road. :)
Unfortunately it is also on occasion a venue for others in the surrounding neighbourhood to hang out in uninvited.
So it is such a delight to see such a delicate and meditative creation of a familiar place.  Your piece really captures the intent and spirit of the treehouse and space we are so lucky to have in front of us''.

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