Sunday, 26 October 2014

Celebrating the Publication of 'The Fairytale Princess'

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of 'The Fairytale Princess: Seven Classic Stories from the Enchanted Forest'. 

Thames and Hudson approached me back in 2010 with the idea of 'illustrating a compilation book of favourite fairy-tales'. It turned out to be a labour of love for me. Seven stories, with over 60 illustrations, the whole project taking around 18 months to produce.
opening pages
Sleeping Beauty

Thames and Hudson are now working behind the scenes on a special commerative pop-up edition of 'The Fairytale Princess'. In the meantime, I share with you some of the praise that the book has received since it's publication in November 2012.  
‘Original and exceptional … remarkable for its photographic illustrations of Su Blackwell’s extraordinary paper sculptures’ – The Sunday Times

‘While the tales are faithfully retold, the illustrations invite the reader to step into a paper kingdom where princesses inhabit an enchanting world made from the very books that created them’ – The Telegraph Magazine

This book made me gasp aloud. This is the first time that I’ve learned of Su Blackwell’s book art and I am absolutely riveted.
What makes this a fascinating read is Blackwell’s detailed artistry. I spent hours just poring over the design, marveling at the craftsmanship, and even reading some of the markings found in the artwork. Nothing is accidental. I read through some of the discernible phrases and snippets of sentences found in the artwork, and they are connected to the stories or some other fairy tale found in the collection.
See how amazingly detailed it is.
I would have loved an Artist’s Note at the end of the book that would give the reader an idea of how these book sculptures were created and how long it took Blackwell to complete them. This book is simply exquisite, and shows Blackwell’s exacting eye, deft fingers and creative vision. Truly a marvel’.

A perfect gift! A compendium of seven classic fairytales, illustrated by dramatically lit photographs of intricate paper-cut sculptures. – Thames & Hudson
It's a lovely accolade to see all of the art-work in one special edition, and I am very excited about the prospect of there being an interactive pop-up edition. ~ Su

The Fairytale Princess:
Seven Classic Stories from the Enchanted Forest
Artwork by: Su Blackwell Retellings By: Wendy Jones Photographs by: Tim Clinch Published by: Thames & Hudson, 2012. 
The Fairytale Princess Copyright 2012 Thames and Hudson
Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Princess and the Pea, Snow White, Rapunzel
  • 28.70 x 23.50 cm
  • Quarter bound/PLC (no jacket)
  • 96pp
  • llustrated in colour throughout
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

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