Monday, 22 July 2019

Residential Workshop at Chateau Dumas

I’ve had the most incredible week teaching at Chateau Dumas, which I can only describe as a 'dream'. Set in an idyllic location amongst rolling hills, there were 4 students and myself, staying in a French Chateau, with amazing food and fantastic people.
Here are some examples of the fabulous work my students created. They were all complete paper cutting novices at the start of the week. Over the course of the week, we made shadow boxes (with lights) and tunnel books inspired by the Chateau and the places we visited in the surrounding area. 
I loved seeing their ideas taking shape.

In and around Chateau Dumas
 For the first couple of days, we explored the Chateau and surrounding area, taking in the local Brocante Market in nearby town of Cahors. I asked my students to take photos of things that interested them, or take inspiration from a book or map they found at the Brocante. 

 Town of Cahors
We bought fresh produce at the markets, which our host's chef created the most amazing dishes from (below). 

Yulia working on her tunnel book in the garden. 

  Above: Yulia's paper-cut shadow box was inspired by the Chateau's garden, and for her tunnel book, she incorporated cut-out illustrations from a children's book she found at the Brocante. 

Above: Sue was interested in the local architecture and nature, and both passions are visible in the work she produced.   

(Above) Marilee took her inspiration from the Chateua, and for her tunnel book, a children's book illustration she found at the Brocante. 

(Above) Jill incorporated the archway entrance to the Chateau as the inspiration for her tunnel book, and her shadow box design was inspired by a 19th Century illustration she bought at the Brocante.

 (From left to right) Jill, Sue, 'Me', Yulia and Marilee. 

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