Tuesday, 28 February 2017

House Transformation - Before and After Photos

Last year, amidst the commissions and exhibitions, I bought a house and moved away from the City. 

Looking back, it’s been quite a year.

The house (a Victorian terrace) was in need of TLC. It had been left empty, cold and damp for almost two years.
We got local builders and an architect in to oversee our plans, removing the wall separating the kitchen to make the downstairs area more open-plan. 
Situating the studio on the third floor, meant knocking through a wall to create one room rather than two, and removing the ceiling to expose the roof and beams, generating extra space and light.
We painted the walls white, and the wooden floor boards various shades of grey.
It’s still a little way off being finished, but it now feels like home.
kitchen, through to living room 
 the copper lampshades were bought second-hand on ebay
 we exposed the original brickwork and painted it a soft grey 
a sliding glass door to the bathroom enhances light
painted staircase
from this, to this... 
studio, before and after

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Upcoming Workshop

Charleston have added another date to their workshop schedule. 
My next  'paper-sculpting' workshop is scheduled for October. 
Details of the workshop will be published here, and on Charleston's website soon. 
This Summer at Charleston House. I am running a workshop on the delicate art of paper cutting and sculpting. 
You'll learn how to design and create a flower from the pages of vintage books, inspired by the blooms in Charleston's historic walled garden.  

This workshop has now sold out.


Friday, 24 February 2017

Beauty & the Beast Castle

This piece, created in 2016, will be exhibited in Moscow in an exhibition of 'fairy tales' early next year.
Details of the exhibition, coming soon. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Liberty 'Wild Flowers' features in an article in Sew Magazine, March Edition

It's great to see my 'Wild Flowers' print featured in the 'Liberty Legacy' article 
of this month's Sew Magazine.
Courtesy of Sew Magazine, Issue 95

Friday, 17 February 2017

Currently Reading...

'Books for Living: A Reader's Guide to Life' 
by Will Schwalbe

I was intrigued about this book when I came across a small review I read in a magazine recently.

Will Schwalbe describes himself as a 'reader'. 
Here he offers a guide, a list of books set out in chapters, that have taught him life lessons, of which he wishes to share with his fellow readers.

I think it's a great concept for a book, and have been inspired to compile an impromptu list of my own...

Will Schwalbe's book would actually feature on my list, as it's taught me to think about the books I read from now on in a different way, and question 'what lessons am I learning?'

Also, on my list...
(along with the lesson they've taught me)

The Baron in the Trees 
'for embracing alternate ways of living'

 The Centre of the Bed
'the title says it all'

When Things Fall Apart
'about grief, gathering the pieces, and letting them go'

 Grimm's Fairy Tales 
'Princess's cunning'

Wabi-Sabi by Leonard Koren 
'to embrace imperfection' 

The Pearl 
'to question what is the truth'

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying
'to question the space I inhabit'

I'd be interested in hearing books that would feature in your list...
please leave a comment

Friday, 10 February 2017

Shadow Boxes from Pollock's Toyshop

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I occasionally run workshops on 'how to make a tunnel book', or as they're sometimes known, 'shadow box'. It's a simple, but effective way of introducing people to the skills of paper-cutting.
I've recently blogged about my workshops at the V&A Museum and Charleston House, and have uploaded images of my own tunnel-book designs, using the techniques to create light boxes, box frames, and greeting cards

 I always make a point when I'm in London of visiting Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop in Covent Garden, and it was in this treasure-trove of a shop, that I came across these new shadow-box sets, each priced at £8.99.
A pack contains a set of instructions and three A4 illustrated cards, which you cut-out and assemble.

There are 4 designs available, but this Alice one was my favourite.
The illustrations are printed in black ink (suitable for colouring in), on thick card, which if you're new to paper-cutting is quite difficult to cut. A solution would be to photocopy the designs onto a more lightweight card, and keep the original intact.

illustrated card sheets
paper doll and accessories
finished model

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Liberty London re-release my 'Wild Flowers' fabric in a new colourway

My wild flowers liberty print now available as a contemporary classic in a gorgeous, muted colourway. 

They have also released it as a really lovely 100% linen. New in store this week!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Last Chance to See!

Second Skin 
at Museum Sinclair Haus, closes next Sunday, 12th February 2017.

 While you were Sleeping, Installation, 2005
The Grass Grows Between Her Toes, Installation 2010

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Readying for Spring - Laser cut greeting cards

I took this photograph in an attempt to show the intricate cut-out design of my laser cut greeting cards.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Exclusive New Greeting Cards Now Available!

My collaboration with eclectic gift card publisher's Roger la Borde
sees the release of some new designs this month. 

My art-work from 2015, 'Once Upon A Time' 
 has been given the Roger la Borde treatment 
to create this quirky design. 
 card interior

card exterior 

Also released for 2017...
Alice; A Mad Tea Party laser cut card
(the first 'alice' design to receive the laser-cut treatment!)

Wild Flowers (with sympathy) card

All available from