Thursday, 8 January 2015

'Shadow and Light' School Workshop

I was invited to lead workshops at Millfields School in East London, as part of their Creative Week.

The first (one hour) workshop was to introduce teachers to simple shadow boxes using layers of paper cut-outs, lit from behind with a light source.

I'll be working with groups of Year 5 and 6 pupils (ages 10-11) at the school, introducing them to paper cutting, and experimenting with light and shadow, to create shadow boxes of their very own, based upon their favourite fairy tales, (with a modern twist). The pupil's work will be displayed in a local church for a day.
I'll be documenting the work that I do with the pupils here on my blog, and will be posting the layouts I used for the teachers workshop in my next monthly newletter. If you're interested in receiving my newsletter, please subscribe to it here.

As I only had one hour to work with the teachers, I prepared and made a box for the teachers to re-create, to introduce them to the techniques required.
The set-up is quite simple, but the effects are stunning. 

 Teachers working on their shadow boxes
The boxes look really cool when lit up

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