Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Light and Shadow Creative Workshops

I was working in a school all of last week with all Year 5 and Year 6 (aged 9-11) pupils at Millfields School in Hackney, 
to create light-boxes for part of their 'Creative Week'. 
I worked with each class to produce one box, based on a fairytale with a modern telling. The class was split into small groups. 
I began by asking the first group of pupils to draw out their ideas.
The second group of pupils worked on the design for light box. They took inspiration from the initial drawings, and worked indiviually to design and draw out each layer for the light box, considering the scale and placement of the overall design. 
They were each given a layer to draw, within  a frame.
The final group used craft knives to cut out the designs from white card, and then glue their cut-outs onto a cardboard frame.

  I assembled the frames, gluing them together, and fixing a coloured led light strip (of the pupil's choice) into the back of the box.
Each box has a sheet of clear transparency paper glued onto the front, to protect it. 

 Here are the pupil's final designs.
(I think you'll agree, they did a great job!)


 Hansel and Gretal
 Little Red Riding Hood
 The Little Mermaid

 Peter Pan

  The boxes will go on display this evening at St James's Church in Hackney.
 This is what the boxes look like without the lights switched on.


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