Sunday, 2 July 2017

If you're just starting out in paper-cutting, here is useful tip when using Swann Morten blades

Taken from Swann-Morten website                                                
Safe Handling of Swann-Morton Products
The way in which a surgical blade is handled prior to use can determine how effectively 
it performs during use. There are a number of ways that the cutting edge of a blade can 
become damaged once removed from its protective foil packet:
: When removing a blade from the protective packet make sure it is not dropped
into a metal bowl or container as this can reduce the initial keenness of the cutting edge 
even before it is fitted to the handle

:If you have to use forceps or needle holders to remove the blade from its protective packet 
ensure that you do not grip the blade across the cutting edge.

To Attach A Surgical Blade:

Use the following procedure to attach a surgical blade:
  1. Grip blade with forceps, or similar, avoiding contact with cutting edge.
  2. Hold handle in left hand with bayonet fitting uppermost.
  3. Place blade partway over handle fitting and engage slots.
  4. Slide blade until it clicks into position.
  5. To improve assembly, flex blade slightly upwards when sliding onto the handle.

To Remove A Surgical Blade:

Use the following procedure to detach a surgical blade:

1: Grip blade with forceps or needle holders at point A
making sure that the cutting edge is facing away from hand and body.
2: Ensure the blade is pointing downwards and towards the trolley and 
NOT towards another member of your team.
3: Whilst holding the handle firmly lift the back edge of the blade with the forceps or 
needle holders and slide away the handle.
4: The preferred method would be a Swann-Morton blade remover device.

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