Tuesday, 3 January 2017

One Year On!

It has been a year to the day that I upped sticks and moved from London to the South Coast. I'd always wanted a live/work space, with a studio to meet my needs, and to call my very own, 
rather than paying landlord's extortionate rent for studios with leaky roofs, too chilly to work in winter, as my hands would become numb with cold.
But this was not an option for me in London. So like a lot of artists, I had to move out, to up-size.
I do miss London. I miss the diversity, the buzz of the place, and I miss the fact that in 20 minutes I could be in Central London or Richmond Park, or (my favourite place), Kew Gardens.
It took a year to sell and buy a property, and another year renovating the property we are in, a 4 bedroom Victorian terrace in East Sussex.
The house was in need of modernising, and in desperate need of some tender loving care. 
After a year of doing renovations, and renting a temporary studio, it is now (more or less) complete.
The two upstairs bedrooms were knocked through to make one large room for the studio. The ceilings were removed to expose the roof, and velux windows fitted for extra day light. A kitchen area was also installed.
Elsewhere in the house, there has been major works undertaken.
It has been an all-encompassing year. 
But the New Year, marks a 'new start'.

Not that living and working from home doesn't have it’s drawbacks. 
But I think the space that we've created (for now) far outweighs these.

Before the renovations, 
from this...
to this...

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