Tuesday, 15 November 2016

'The Alchemy of Woman Hood' by Dolores Rice

 Cover Illustration by Su Blackwell

Written in a lyrical and poetic voice, The Alchemy of Womanhood is a unique health book for young women. Unlike other straight-informational books, The Alchemy of Womanhood focuses on comforting young girls entering puberty, and indeed women well beyond, while also informing them about body development, relationship, and lifestyle in a profoundly essential way. If shared between mother and daughter, both will find the book helpful and soothing when cusping this momentous phase. If read alone, the reader will feel as though she is discovering a precious secret due to her readiness.
Descriptive and comforting in its tone, The Alchemy of Womanhood gently weaves its way through what it is to become and be a woman in the world today. It attempts to uncover the mysterious elements of womanhood at the source of feminine knowledge and wisdom. It reveals the strength to be gained from embracing the essence of womanliness and the beauty that arises from learning how to celebrate female physiology for what it is: a powerful expression of the very essence of Life.

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