Sunday, 6 December 2015

A Few Select Projects from 2015

I've just been sorting through images on my laptop, and came across these 
work-in-progress shots from various projects, some of which have not been seen before. 
I thought it might be interesting to share them.

The piece below was a commission for the novelist 'Rosamund Pilcher', 
inspired and cut from her famous novel 'The Shell Seekers'. 

Here, it was photographed in my studio in the early morning sun.  

The piece below is an art-work for the cover of a book titled 'Alistair Grim's Odditorium'.
The top photograph is a work-in-progress shot taken in my studio to show to the publisher. 

above - the photographer's image

Below, a commission coming together for Yale New Haven Hospital. 

Below, a commission for Manhattan Dental Surgery in New York

The castle turrets were made to look like incisors

Below, Minecraft commission for Intelligent Life Magazine 

above - the work in progress 
above - the photographer's image

Below is a commission for a book-cover by Jodi Picoult, showing the work-in-progress,
and a few different cover options

          before                                                                                   after

The final image

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