Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sleeping Beauty Theatre Book - Coming Soon!

For those of you who enjoyed my illustrated book 'The Fairytale Princess', you might also like this new publication from Thames and Hudson to be released 16th October.

The Sleeping Beauty Theatre Book is a spin-off of The Fairytale Princess. It focuses on the story of Sleeping Beauty, and is beautifully packaged with everything you or your child needs to re-enact a theatrical telling. 
The toy theatre unfolds from a book, alongside set-changes, characters and props from my original illustrations.
Accompanied by a paperback book containing scripts and set-changes for you to follow, it is carefully thought-out, giving you an option of following the script-book or of creating your own telling.  

 This video shows you how it works...


To order an advance copy, please visit your book shop to make a request or go to amazon

  To promote the Sleeping Beauty Theatre Book, I will be giving workshops and a talk about my work at The Cheltenham Festival and Ryedale Book Festival in October.  

Numbers to the workshops are limited, so please go to the links below to make a booking. 
Many thanks, Su

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