Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This Exhibition is a MUST!

Joseph Cornell at The Royal Academy of Arts
I have waited a long time to see a retrospective of Cornell's work. 
I would visit every day, if I could.


  1. I agree! I would visit everyday too. I feel fortunate to have seen some of his work at a Whitechapel exhibition when l was a student. He remains one of my favourite artists.

  2. Yes, his works are amazing! I find them so compellling.
    It's a privilige to be able to see so many of his works in this exhibiiton. The only thing is that several of his works are so tactile and playful, you want to be able to handle them.
    I found the backs of the boxes nearly as interesting as what was inside them; little notes referring to their care handwritten by Joseph Cornell, overlayed with shipping labels, and dates from the various musuems they had travelled to. The backs of the boxes told stories of journeys in themselves. I was trying to peer around the back of the boxes to get a better view. My only gripe was that there were many more security guys in the Cornell galleries than appeared necessary, and they seemed to be watching my every move...Whilst I was trying to lose myself in the world of Joseph Cornell, I found that to be a bit off-putting.


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