Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Currently Reading

The Child that Books Built by Francis Spufford
What would you find if you went back and reread your favourite books from childhood? Francis Spufford discovers both delight and sadness in a beautifully written memoir of a boy who, faced with tragedy in his family, retreats into books.

Dwelling in Possibilty by Howard Mansfield
What qualities are missung in our homes? How can we regain them? We know within seconds upon entering a house if we feel at home. We know when a place makes us feel more alive. This is the mystery that interests Howard Mansfield - some houses have life, are home, are dwellings, and others don't. Dwelling, he says, is an old-fashioned word that we have misplaced.


  1. Dear Su Blackwell, I'm unable to send this inquiry through the "Contact" form of your website, so I'll try this way. You can reply to me at: jschley@tupelopress.org

    I am one of the editors of the book publisher Tupelo Press, which is based in Massachusetts in the U.S. We've been introduced to your website and your exceedingly subtle, very beautiful work by poet Maggie Smith, whose new book of poems we will publish in early 2015.

    Gorgeous design and very high production quality are essential elements in the creation of each of our books, and Ms. Smith has asked if we would approach you about the possibility of using one of your images on her book cover.

    We are one of the most respected literary publishers in America, yet we're a nonprofit, educational entity, not a commercial corporation. We do pay for permission to reproduce works of art on our covers, but we can't pay the purchase price, of course, since we're only requesting permission to use an image for the book and associated promotional purposes.

    If the prospect of having one of your pieces featured on a book cover pleases you, do you have a standard rate for "loan" of an image for a publication of this kind?

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to confer with you about this possibility.

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    Jim Schley, Managing Editor at Tupelo Press: jschley@tupelopress.org

    Postscript: The author Howard Mansfield is a friend of mine. I'll send him a link to your comments.

  2. Both books sound very interesting. I'm going to add them to my "want to read" list. Your art is amazing!


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